Daniel Santiago is a motivational speaker who believes all people should maximize their potential and pursue their personal and professional dreams, especially the next generation of young leaders.

Daniel is a "catalyst" for positive change and has the ability to connect with students from all walks of life. He inspires people to become the best version of themselves so they achieve success in school, business, and every area of their life.

Daniel understands what's important to educators. He has strategically aligned his messages to address ASCA's Mindsets and Behaviors standards, and NASSP's Recommendations for College and Career Readiness in Secondary Schools; as well as, RMACAC (the Rocky Mountain Association for College Admission Counseling) practices.

Daniel Santiago specializes in speaking at middle schools, high schools, colleges/universities, and education leadership conferences nationwide, which includes: classrooms, assemblies, workshops, sessions, keynotes.

In addition to speaking at both comprehensive and Title 1 high schools, he is also the perfect speaker for alternative and continuation schools that have dropout prevention, GEAR UP and AVID programs that are looking to address truancy, bullying, and behavior issues in students that don't fit the traditional model. Daniel can help with increasing student engagement, academic performance, positive community contribution and graduation rates. 

Daniel's goal is to inspire students to live with passion; and take personal responsibility for their mindsets, behaviors, and results, so they may become highly qualified, positively-contributing, self-sustained citizens in the 21st century global marketplace.

As a result of working in the Education Industry for over 15 years, Daniel Santiago has an intimate understanding of the challenges that superintendents, principals, teachers, and counselors face when working with students and parents. That's why he is so passionate about making a difference in education. All of his speaking engagements, professional development workshops, and conference keynotes are customized to your school's needs, themes and strategic improvement plans.

Videos & Testimonials

Daniel, thank you for making such a positive impression on our at-risk youth. We will be using your book as a weekly reader. You are an inspiration, continue to live a life worth living.

Dr. Denise Lloyd McDowell, Dean of Enrollment Management, Kansas City Kansas Community College

“Daniel, I want to thank you once again for the great presentation you gave the Delta Epsilon Chi business conference. It was truly inspiring. It made me realize that I’m doing things that are unnecessary. I took this to heart, and I even ended up winning my category the next day in competition: Sports & Entertainment Marketing! Thank you once again!”

Matt Kamp, Student, University of Missouri


If you are a superintendent, state director, coordinator, counselor, principal, practitioner, or professional that is affiliated with a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) like BPA, DECA, FBLA, FCA, Educators Rising, FCCLA, FFA, HOBY, HOSA, PAS, SADD, SGA, SkillsUSA, or TSA, please recommend Daniel to speak to your students, staff, and/or leadership team. We can craft a message that will fully align to this years strategic improvement plan, program objectives, and conference theme.

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